Steps for Living a Good Life

The good life was called eudemonia by Aristotle, which is a Greek word implying good eu spirit daimon. Aristotle thought that the helpful for human beings would be the maximum awareness of the feature that was special to human beings, which indicates reason. Because component of the job of reason was to educate humans how to act virtuously, the good for humans was the exercise of their faculties in accordance with virtue. The good life was specified by Aristotle as the activity of the spirit according to merit. The word virtue itself implies moral excellence, benefits or sanctity.

However, the performance of virtuous act itself triggers equivalent and also opposite reaction. Thus even when we are carrying out virtuous acts, we deal with barrier which disturbs our satisfaction and convenience. When we are righteous, it becomes our responsibility to fight against the evil. Hence in the procedure of attaining the ethical quality, goodness and morality, we lose excellent life which indicates joy, peace, convenience and also high-end. While virtuous acts are needed for the happiness of soul, comforts and satisfaction are the secret to physical happiness. We require both forever lives. The accomplishment of dobar život is, therefore, not a scientific research based on pure factor yet really an art and also ability which requires to be developed with technique and also expertise. Great life does not suggest inaction but it likewise does not indicate unpleasant activities.

There are 2 kinds of action which can cause accomplishment of one’s purpose. The first might be called Effortful Action where we have to exert and also work hard. It needs workout of pressure and also triggers sweating. The second kind of action is based on motivation which does not call for much effort considering that it makes use of the nature for its help. If you can tap the energy of the nature wisely, you can perform the job easily. For instance, your initiative can be considerably minimized if you take support of gravity for drawing the water up from the well. Travelling can be completely easy if we take a trip in the direction of the stream. One can travel in sea by cruising ships where the power of the wind is utilized to drive the ship by the help of pole without the need of any engine. Windmills can create big amount of energy without ruining the environment.

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