There has been a surge in moving towards ecofriendly stuff and apart from industrial emissions our modes of commuting have damaged the eco system like no other, different vehicles which run on different types of fuels emit all sorts of pollution in the air, hybrid and eco idle cars, SUV’s and buses were introduced a while ago and the world appreciated that, but when it comes to choosing your own small vehicle it could either be a small car, a bike or an electric scooter which is surely one cool way to commute from one place to another.

long range scooter

There are several reasons why electric scooter are set to replace many other ways of commuting, first of all these do not emit anything which harms the environment, secondly these are really affordable and new designs are such that you can fold and carry these like suitcases, these are lightweight and can reach up to 25MPH, this was not the case with previous models as they were significantly slower than the gas scooters but since the range and speed has been improved, electric scooters have taken over the market.

If you are about to buy an electric scooter for yourself and you are buying it for the first time then what you must do is gather some information about the best models out there from a reliable online source, at  you can learn all about the top electric scooter options you have out there and once you have gathered information about electric scooters only then head out to buy one.

One of the most common names in all the reviews is Razor E200, many experts give it a five star rating and if you go through its features and options you wouldn’t be surprised why it is there in every list.

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