Get hold of Camellia Pruning Ideas

Called by Linnaeus in 1735 in honor of the Jesuit clergyman and conservationist Georg Josef Kamel, Camellia is a category originating mainly from China yet with a range covering a huge area of South East Asia. The exact variety of types is not clear but it is somewhere around 100. Camellia is an essential commercial genus as a result of one variety, Camellia sinensis, and the plant from which tea is made. A lot of gardeners identify two main teams of camellias, the fall blooming and the spring flowering. It is not fairly that simple. Whenever a genus of many types (such as Rhododendron, Rosa or Camellia) is used to generate a plethora of hybrids distinct teams often tend to develop. There are four major camellia groups: Japonica, Reticulata, Sasanqua and Hybrid, with a number of smaller sized groups based around much less common types, such as Camellia hiemalis, and inter-specific hybrids, such as Camellia × williamsii (Camellia japonica × Camellia saluensis).

It is a generally held belief amongst gardeners that Sansanquas are the fall flowering camellias while the rest are springtime flowerers. That is not really true, absolutely the Sasanquas are typically the initial to blossom but with mindful selection and sitting it is possible to have essentially continuous blooming from very early autumn to late springtime.

Camelia snoeien


Camelia snoeien are typically associated with rhododendrons and azaleas and, while not that very closely associated, they absolutely prefer comparable problems. This is not at all shocking as they originate from similar climates and can commonly be discovered expanding together in the wild.

Camellias are normally much less tolerant of severe chilly than the hardiest rhododendrons however they are by no means fussy plants. A lot of varieties and crossbreeds are durable throughout the nation, requiring no protection other than maybe in really cool winter months areas, and the summertime’s below are not typically warm and completely dry adequate to cause much damage.

To obtain the very best out of your camellias it is important that you follow the very same dirt prep work techniques as recommended for rhododendrons. Camellias have more powerful and deeper roots however they still call for the very same moist, humus filled, loose, well-oxygenated topsoil if they are to thrive. Normal mulching is always beneficial.

Camellias like a neutral to acid dirt and will certainly not endure the severe level of acidity that most rhododendrons will. On extremely acid soils the addition of small amounts of dolomite lime will certainly not only boost the pH but will certainly permit simpler uptake of nutrients.

When established most camellias seem to manage rather well without way too much focus however they go through the exact same choruses troubles as rhododendrons so periodic additional feeding is suggested. Containerized camellias ought to be fed regularly as they are even more subject to deficiencies due to their minimal root spread.

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