Singapore Team Building Workshop

What Are the Goals and Objectives of a Singapore Team Building Workshop?

In any Organisation, and in any A Team Building workshop, Degree may be potential route to foster performance and to enhance the Team.

The General Objective

Any corporate team building workshops singapore should be that your Team is farther down the road towards attaining the status of a Team that is high performing. This is a useful theme for the workshop, since it retains the Team thinking ahead to where we want to be, and planning how we could get from where we are now to the forward vision.

This frame can be used on a Team Construct Workshop to address either or both of the 2 different branches of the Team’s goals and objectives –

  • The goals of the Team regarding Our Team purpose, our Team aims and performance goals
  • The Team’s goals regarding our Teamwork, how we efficiently we work together to attain our Team purpose and goals

Both strands will come together at This Team Building workshop’s conclusion, in the kind of actions, plans and strategies to take us.

Team Purpose Objectives and Aims

When addressing our Team Goals and Accomplishments at a Team Building Workshop, it is useful to start with a look at your Team purpose and where it fits in the Organisation purpose. Additionally it is important to recognize the Organisation’ objectives and the goals the Team has been given by the Organisation, since it is our context.

Our Aims in relation to Teamwork

Teamwork is how we work to achieve our targets. It includes Team processes, attitudes, relationships, and our values. The trick to moving in a Team and removing blocks is to identify can we use to improve with this matter, exactly what PROCESS? There will always be a Team process that will improve successful work practices, relationship difficulties or cubes.

It is to proceed as a Team useful to think in terms of Tuchman’s Stages of Team Development. This will give a fantastic framework to identify where we want to be, and where we are to us.

At the, the Team Building Workshop Team can –

  1. Review and assess their present Stage of Team Development
  2. Identify their vision. This involves a vision and aims that are identified.
  3. The steps we must reach to move them, identify short term goals to the next level
  4. Plan how we will do this, actions and strategies to achieve those following steps.

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